A Humble Christmas

This past week I was touched by a story that made some news about a letter to Santa that was found in a Chimney 60 years after it was written.  The boy wrote it asked for the following:
Dear Father Christmas,
Please can you send me Rupert Annual and a drum, box of chalk, soldiers and Indians, slippers, silk tie, pencil box, any little toys you have to spare.
Love, David

I was touched by how humble this boy was when he wrote it. Obviously this was a different time but the humility is what was touching and something I think we have gotten away from. Today it’s about Black Friday, Give me the ipad, the xbox, etc.. I even heard that some mall in Chicago was charging an extra fee just so kids can jump the line to see Santa so they don’t have to wait like everyone else. Personally I find this tasteless and disgraceful.  It’s sad on we are losing the real meaning of Christmas.
Christmas is about giving but more so it’s about giving in a spirit of humility or sacrificially.  Christmas is about Jesus. Now I know this name “Jesus” stirs a lot of controversy even to the point where a federal judge has to tell a high school play they can’t have a nativity scene in their play. (Really ? Come On..). Anyway, God gave his son Jesus to pay the ultimate sacrifice of his death so that you and I do not have to spend eternity in a place of nonstop suffering.  This was a paid ransom in advance. The human birth of Jesus is why we celebrate Christmas.  God gave up his son Jesus sacrificially. This is something we all should continually be thankful for. You may not realize it now but someday, the xbox, HDTV, Ipad, etc will not matter. The only that will is what you did with your life to help others and acknowledging that Jesus is Lord.
I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. Thanks for being a fan

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