Democrats, Republicans or God ?

What a turmoil it’s been with this past election. This past election has created so much division and hate. Normally you don’t see these kinds of reactions from an election. So many ask ourselves what happened? Even the news people are asking what happened? Totally unexpected. 
I want to challenge you to read through the book of Kings and Kings 2 in the Old Testament in the bible. I’ll summarize it here. 
God tells his people that he wants to be their King. God already proved to them that he can provide and protect them. After all he led them out of slavery across the desert and provided for their every need. The people’s response to God was NO we want a human king to lead us so God gave the people what they wanted. So Many kings came and went over a period of many years and just about all of the human kings were corrupt and did evil in the eyes of the Lord. The people got what they wanted. 
So this election had choices on the ballot that most of us were not happy with but we still had a responsibility to vote and someone was going to be elected. So now our country faces some uncertainty where some are feeling scared. I, You, all of us now have a great responsibility and that is to PRAY! . PRAY for our government and leaders. It does not matter who you voted for of even if you voted, We need God to hear us. God is able to turn the minds of our leaders toward his will.  God’s decision and his wisdom would be the best for ALL.  Please understand that I am not here choosing a political side. 
If you choose not to pray, then you have no reason to complain. Protests will only go so far, but God can do more than what you can ever imagine. So who is on your ballot? Democrats, Republicans, Independents or God? God is always available and never has term limits… 
Be Blessed and help bless others by praying for our leaders.


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