What to do in the midst of chaos and adversity

A missionary sent this letter to me about the situation in Iraq. As the insurgents were moving closer to Bagdad, a pastor, in Bagdad, offered the following prayer:

"A beautiful morning to a beautiful church, rising up in prayer, standing on the walls and calling out.

Yes, Lord, we declare a new morning today full of your goodness and righteousness, full of your blessings and provisions. Today we come to declare that you are good and your mercy endures forever. You are good despite the hard circumstances, the accusations of the devil, and his war. 

We are thankful for your salvation, your freedom, and your healing. I thank you for my wife and my wonderful children. Thank you for the wonderful ministers with whom we serve. Thank you for my country, Iraq, that You have put me in.

Lord, put a guard on my mouth and remove all negative things from my tongue, thoughts, and heart. Remove all unbelief, rebellion, complaints, and disobedience from my life.

Lift up my eyes from all the events around me and direct my eyes to You. Dazzle my eyes this morning. Let me see your majesty, power, authority, and strength. Let me see your glory and greatness so I won't shake because of the storm around me.

Lord, open our eyes to see the angelic forces sent by You for our protection. The devil wants to bring fear and despair, and he wants us to give up. Lord, raise up heroes. Let them roar like lions, standing at the gates of hell, proclaiming, "Iraq is the Lord's! Step back, Satan. Leave this land, for Iraq belongs to the Lord."

Don't let fear steal our calling and our mission. You have put us in this country to pray for it, not to run away and leave it. Help us bless this country and not to curse it. Help us put bandages on its wounds and not increase them with our words.

Lord, have compassion. Forgive. Heal our land. Lift the curse. Heal the wounds. Comfort the mourners. Visit us, remember us, and revive us. Let your light shine upon us. Amen."

What a powerful, inspiring, convicting prayer! What an attitude... 
May we live our lives with such a commitment to our Lord, ready to praise His name and serve Him wholeheartedly, no matter the circumstances.

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