Democrats, Republicans or God Part 2 ?

In my last newsletter I received many comments about a blog I wrote called Democrats, Republicans or God ?. This is part 2 of this blog. You can read the 1st part at Democrats , Republicans or God Part 1
So I hope you have had or will be reading 1st Kings and 2nd Kings in the bible. How’s is your prayers going ? Have you been praying for our leaders, the new leadership, the new congress ? 
Some may say that they don’t want to pray, or maybe some believe that certain people don’t deserve prayers. Well, I would like to address these issues so maybe after reading this you may have an incentive to pray. 
What if that person does not deserve our prayers? 
I guess if we really hate that person we don’t want to pray for them but we need to ask ourselves “Who are we to decide that someone doesn’t need prayers?” Jesus died for everyone so we would ALL have a chance for heaven and forgiveness. If we pray for someone and they turn to good, then it’s a win situation and that’s the goal. We may find it hard to love another but not Jesus. We’re all sinners. 

What if the person is good and is doing everything perfect ? 
GREAT!! We still then need to pray for these people so they keep on doing good and not get drawn into corruptness and evil. 

What if the person is really mean and has really wronged you ? 
In addition to reason 1, Look at Romans 12:20: 
If your enemy is hungry, feed him; 
    if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. 
In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.” 
I like the part about heaping burning coals on their head. That should give some satisfaction. 
So now there’s no reason not to pray. If you feel you really can’t pray or don’t want to then let 
Me know so then I can pray that you will pray. 
Thanks for your support and your emails. Be blessed and bless others by praying for our leaders. 

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