Don't Waste The Blessing

How many times have we received something where we may have taken it for granted or we may without realizing it left some of the blessing behind and missed out? I’m sure this has happened to me more than once…


A Humble Christmas

This past week I was touched by a story that made some news about a letter to Santa that was found in a Chimney 60 years after it was written.  The boy wrote it asked for the following:
Dear Father

Giving To God

When we think about this topic we all first think of money right? Well that's not always the case.

In Mark 12, The Pharisees, (Government leaders), asked Jesus if it was right to pay taxes to Caesar.

Jesus said, "…

Being One With God

Ever wonder if it were possible to be one with God ? As humans we think to ourselves that God is so far set apart from us that we can never achieve that oneness with God. Throughout the book of…

What to do in the midst of chaos and adversity

A missionary sent this letter to me about the situation in Iraq. As the insurgents were moving closer to Bagdad, a pastor, in Bagdad, offered the following prayer:

"A beautiful morning to a beautiful church, rising up in prayer, standing…

Ever wonder what God Thinks Of You ?

I was reading through Psalm 18 where David was in distress. The enemy was attacking David. As David puts it , 
the enemy was powerful and was even too strong for him. The cords of death entangled him. The snares…

The Act Of Surrendering

Sometimes we get to point where we have nowhere else to go. We hit a low, a wall and all of our efforts seem like a total waste or we don't have the resources to proceed. We then get to…

Fill your child with Music

I'm a firm believer that all kids should be exposed to playing an instrument even if it's for a year or 2. It really exposes the kid to a whole new world at a young age, I believe it makes…