Bumba-Way - A Father's Joy

Recently my song "Bumba-Way ,made number 1 on the charts at Number1music.com so I’d like to share with you on how this song came to be. This song is off my 2nd cd – “JoyRid’N”. 

“Bumba-Way” has a calypso island feel that is performed on a flute. The title came from a silly kid’s song that I made up and sang to my kids when they were very little. I would sing this song to my kids while I would drive them around. They would be strapped in their car seat and I started singing a song that had the words “Bumab-Way” in it. I kept singing this song from time to time until one day my oldest son, Henry, when he was about 3 started singing the song back to me. My daughter started to do sing the song back as well. I thought this was so cool and I honestly felt a lot of joy from this. I said then, I’m going to record a song called “Bumba-Way”. So as I started composing songs for my 2nd cd “JoyRid’n” I worked on a song called “Bumba-Way”. 

Now as I was writing “Bumba-Way”, I wanted to put meaning to this and so I thought about it for a while and then it hit me – “A Father’s Joy”.  Think about this, what if we were in the back seat and Jesus was in the front driving? And what if he started to communicate with us and then we communicated back to him as little children? Do you know that this brings so much joy to Jesus? Even as adults we are considered God’s children and when we come to him in prayer and share our hearts or just talk to him, he experiences so much joy. Why?  Because he loves you, He created you,  and he died for you.  

As parents, I know you experience joy when or as your kids are discovering their world. Jesus has even more joy when we discover more about him and his word. He continues to show us new things.  
One great truth here is that it does not matter who your parents are, It does not matter what circumstances brought you into the world, it does not matter what situation you are in. Know this: 

YOU are God’s child. YOU are his joy. YOU have access to all his blessings and his inheritance. Now , go Grab it and don’t waste the BLESSING!!! 

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Listen to "Bumba-Way" here: Bumba-Way

God Bless


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  • Dave Panico - Saxophonist
    Dave Panico - Saxophonist
    Thank you jackson

    Thank you jackson

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