Greetings and Happy Spring!

How have you been? Are you enjoying the Spring?  I enjoy the sun and seeing the trees starting to bloom. It also means I’ll have to start cutting grass. Its nice from the winter we’ve been having.

My schedule has been getting crazy with Easter along with some interesting gigs. I played at an assisted living center recently and it seemed like only a few people showed up. From talking with the staff person, they said it’s the time of day. It was afternoon and most of the residents were taking a nap. But I played for the few that were there. They enjoyed it and so did the staff. The next day I received some very positive feedback from a man at my church. This man’s mom is a resident at the place I played at and one of the ladies that did hear me play mentioned that she saw the Holy Spirit come off me as I was playing. I immediately thought WOW!! That’s truly amazing. I wasn’t even aware of it as I was playing. Sometimes I get too focused on the technical stuff like am I playing the right notes, Is my playing flowing correctly, Am I too Loud etc... I sometimes forgot the work God is doing so this was like wow. I wish I could have experienced it the way the lady did. It shows that God works through us even when we we’re not aware or don’t think we’re reaching anyone. They invited me back to play for Mother’s Day and I’m looking forward to it.

The Most Important Decision Of Your Life:

If I asked you what the most important decision of your life is, what would that be? Would it be your Career? Choosing your spouse? What car to drive? Where to Live? Where to invest money ?

These are all important decisions, but they are all worldly /earthly but are useless in the long term (except for choosing your Spouse). We have maybe 80 to 100 years here on earth and then we die. Now what happens? Does the car, investments, house, status career matter now? No, it does not.


When we leave this earth, we are then faced with the reality of who Jesus Christ is. We will see him face to face. All our stuff will not matter. What will matter is if we have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in our earthly life and lived a life of following him and doing his work in the earthy world.


This week we come to Easter which celebrates Jesus conquering the plans of the Devil and defeating him. Jesus defeated the devil (Satan) on the cross. The devil didn’t want Jesus to go to the cross. If Jesus dd not go the cross the Devil would have won and there would be no hope of heaven. Jesus had to pay the price to be literally slaughtered for our sin (mistakes – screw ups) so we could get into heaven and have eternal life with Jesus. This was an act of love and Jesus CHOSE to do this. No one took his life. He gave it willingly for you, for me and for every human. This was the ultimate sacrifice and a very precious gift. The question is why would you or anyone refuse to accept this gift? How does one refuse the gift? By rejecting Jesus Christ.


I hear about veterans who sacrificed their lives to give us the freedom we have in this country. When we refuse to vote or do our part, we are rejecting the sacrifice /gift that the veterans gave us.


I want to ask you if you have accepted Jesus? If Not, I’d like to know your reasons. Feel free to email me. After all this is the most important decision of your life.


When you accept Jesus, you not only make an investment in your life but others as well. Jesus has the power, wisdom, love, everything you need for your life. He’s not Political so there’s no bribing or corruption with him. (I like this part). Did you also know there will be more rewards in heaven than what you can obtain in this earthly world?


Oh, I should mention that Jesus did raise from the dead after being brutally slaughtered and then appeared to over 500 people. This is when he defeated the devil, and this is what Easter is all about.


Come to the Easter Play “Who Will Call Him King Of Kings

This week Northland Cathedral church will be presenting “Who Will Call Him King of Kings,” Easter Drama-Musical. Presentations are on April 17, 18, & 19 at 7:00 pm. No admission charge; childcare available through age 3. For more info check it out at:


Be Blessed. Thanks for your support and please take care and keep the emails coming. Also remember to pray for leaders and our schools.


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