I hope you re doing well and keeping safe. We’re living in an era that I thought I would never see. This whole covid-19 pandemic has gotten our whole world in a stir. I pray that you are staying safe and taking the necessary precautions needed. This whole thing will end at some point.

As far as music, All gigs for me have been shut down. I love performing live concerts in front of people. I miss it.  I performed a live facebook concert last week and thank you for listening in. I learned a new tune just for this occasion. It’s Steely Dan’s “Deacon Blues”.

You can view the concert at:,


I’m keeping up my practicing by learning more Charlie Parker tunes. It’s fun and is challenging.

I have a new song that I finished writing and recording and now is being shopped within the movie industry. At this point I am not able to share the song yet. I’m hoping this song can get into an upcoming movie. That would be exciting. I’m anxious for you to hear it. Stay tuned.

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Experience The Peace

This week we come to a very important time in history. It’s Easter week. It’s different for me this year because I am normally involved with a Easter production at the church but because of the covid19 virus, there will be no Easter production. Many churches are experiencing this. I miss being a part of that production. The costumes, the stage sets, the orchestra and more.

Easter is important because it’s the time Jesus sacrificed his life for us so we could have the chance to spend eternity with Jesus in Heaven. This is what Jesus’s plan is for ALL humanity. He wants you in Heaven with him and he looks forward to it because he loves you that much. That’s why he sacrificed his life for you.

I came across a very interesting passage in the Bible that identifies with our current time. Did you know that Jesus is weeping over our city, nation, world ? Read this passage from Luke 19:41

“As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it and said, “If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace—but now it is hidden from your eyes.”

In this volatile time, I believe we are all searching for answers and for peace. It doesn’t matter whether its Jerusalem or your city but the message here is that Jesus is the peace that you are looking for and he’s saddened that some of us are missing out on that. You may be scared or panicking on the inside but please know that Jesus is weeping for you. He has the peace you are looking for. He also has the cure and the power to heal. One of the songs I performed in my house concert was the song “Knock’n On Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan. I believe many of us are pounding on Heaven’s door, but did you know that ever since you were born, Jesus has been knocking on your door ? and he still is today. Have you let him in ? If not, What’s holding you back ? He has so much he wants to give you and one of those things is Peace.

This Sunday is Easter Sunday, many churches are having services online. If you’re looking for a church to connect with, check out Northland Cathedral. Their website is

Thanks for the letters and the support. Please continue pray for our leaders and the medical community. Also be safe and please take precautions to keep others safe.



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