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I hope you’ve been doing well and enjoying life around you.


IT” S HERE!!! Rising Up!!!

That’s the name of my new release. It took a while to get this out, but it is now available. Please check it out and let me know what you think. I’m excited about it. It’s about overcoming struggles and knowing that the light shines everyday despite our struggles. That light not only shines outside but inside of you as well.  You can check it out at:


“Making some great NOISE!!”

That’s what a guy told me when I was performing at the farmers market. He said that I made some great noise. I think that’s funny and a cool compliment. So, I am a great noise maker…


Also, at the farmers market, a young boy at age 3 enjoyed listening to me performing the sax. He really enjoyed it. I then played “You Got A Friend In Me” from “Toy Story” and then his face just lit up. He was really cool for me as well.



I performed just recently at Arcadian Moon Winery and I have to say it was a beautiful setting and atmosphere overlooking a lake and acres of land. It’s not far from where my daughter Eleanor attends college so I invited her to come out and sing some songs and so she did. It was great for me as a proud father and getting to hear her sing. She also was getting all the tips 😊 So I definitely gave her some of the share.


I had a young girl about 5 dancing to the tunes so that was enjoyable as well. As it grew darker, the gnats were coming out and I saw a frog jump in front of me while I was performing. YOU just never know what kind of fans come by. (ribbit)


Here are some upcoming gigs:

Saturday September 11, Parkville Farmers Market -- Parkville, MO

Saturday September 18, Nehemiah Fest -- Smithville, MO

Friday October 8, 2021 – Red Bridge Barrio in KC, MO


Need a Personal Concert or having a Party?

If you would like for me to perform some sweet sax for your special someone or have me do a house concert, please let me know. I have a collection of songs that will create that perfect mood. Please contact me if interested. This can be done through zoom or in person. As we get towards the holidays and if you have an event planned, please consider me for entertainment.


Know that you are the light to someone. As the Sun shines, so does the Son (Jesus) shine inside of you.

Be Blessed




Vision: To touch the essence of the inner heart 
Mission: To open doors that lead to healing of hardships and struggles in life


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