Greetings and well wishes to you,

This past weekend was very fulfilling and yet exhausting for me. I had back to back gigs in Weston, MO this weekend. I performed on Saturday (last minute gig) for 2 hours on the street corner and then on Sunday for 3 hours at a Winery. It was a blast and I met some great people. As people walked by and drove by, they were grooving to the music and smiling. That’s one of the reasons why I love to perform is to lift people’s spirits. It’s great to see that and experience that.

On Saturday a lady who was from the Weston Chronicle (local paper), interviewed me and took my picture. She’s going to do a write up on me on the next edition which will be out on Wednesday. So I’ll have to see. Another gentleman wearing jeans and smoking a cigar indicated that he really enjoyed the music as well. He thanked me. I found out by reading his name tag that he was the Mayor of Weston. So that was a great opportunity. He said he’s interested in having me perform at other events.

On Sunday I met some great people at the Weston Bend Winery. They had great food great atmosphere. I performed on the deck overlooking Weston. I met some great people as well who also loved the music. I had one lady who came up to me and said she lives nearby and really loved the music. When I came home Sunday night I was exhausted. It felt great to hit that bed.

I received a very encouraging and inspiring letter recently from a young gal. I’d like to share part of that letter. :

“…First of all, your music is so inspiring The kind of stuff that can help you get through those really rough days, ..  
don't know if I can tell you how much your music has helped.”

I was touched by this. This is the reason why I love performing music. This is what y mission is all about.

Upcoming Gigs

This weekend is NEHEMIAH FEST !!! I will be performing on Saturday September 15 on the coffee House stage at 9:30am.







Check out for more info. Camping available.

Family Fun Fest

On Saturday Sept 22,2018 from 10:00am – 1:00pm I will be performing at the Family Fun Fest at Northland Cathedral Church. I will be performing with my band and along with a full Jazz ensemble. In addition to the great music, there will be Free family-friendly events including inflatables, hayrides, cotton candy, bike tune-ups, hot dogs, popcorn, live music, and more! We will have a fire engine for the kids to explore and classic cars too

Thanks for your support and please take care and keep the emails coming. Also remember to pray for leaders and our schools.

Vision: To touch the essence of the inner heart
Mission: To open doors that lead to healing of hardships and
struggles in life

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