Hello and Greetings,

I pray that the New Year is going well for you and I hope you had a great Christmas.  I had an enjoyable Christmas and New Years spending time with Family in Chicago and St Louis. Lots of laughter , food and fun. How was your Christmas ? How was your New Years ?

Musically this time of year is slow for me. I’m adding  new songs to my list and working on writing new songs. I keep up my techniques by practicing some Charlie Parker tunes.

Need some sweet sax for Valentines ?

Valentines day is not far off so if you need some sweet sax to make your event special please contact me.


Recording In Progress.

Yes the new song still needs to be tweaked but there has been hurdles like winter snowstorms that has slowed the recording process down. I hope to get this song finished soon and submitted to Hollywood.


Don’t Let the Giving Stop…

In my last letter I wrote about the best gift you can give and that is giving of one’s self. When we give, we get even more in return. Let’s keep that giving going and hope that it becomes contagious.


Thanks for the letters and the support. Make this year better than last.



Vision: To touch the essence of the inner heart 
Mission: To open doors that lead to healing of hardships and struggles in life

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