Fill your child with Music

I'm a firm believer that all kids should be exposed to playing an instrument even if it's for a year or 2. It really exposes the kid to a whole new world at a young age, I believe it makes connections in the brain as well. This past weekend, I needed to go to the violin shop to pick up a case for my daughter's violin so I took my 10 year old son, Samuel, with me. Samuel plays piano and is learning how to swing the music. So when we were in the violin shop, I showed Samuel all the violins and then I showed him all the big string basses which are way bigger than he is. The staff person who helped us, happens to be a bass player so he pulled out one of those string basses and started playing it in front of my son Samuel. I asked the staff person to play some swing and so he did. I could see in the eyes of Samuel that he was impressed and tuned in. He was never exposed to someone playing a big string bass like that. It's great to see people experience things for the first time.

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